Table of Contents

Foreword: Leon Hammer, MD
Preface: How I Learned to Succeedxi
Introduction: What I Wish They Taught Us in Chinese Medicine School: Like It or Not, You’re a Small-Business Owner! (read excerpt)xxvi

Part I: The Chi (Qi) of a Successful Practice

1.It Starts with Attitude1
2.Compound Effect—Persistence Is Key6
3.Learn to Attract Patients11
4.Focus on Return on Investment16
5.Avoid the Destructive Entitlement Syndrome20
6.Patient-centric vs. Doctor-centric (read excerpt)24
7.Create Value and Profit Will Follow (read excerpt)29
Part II: Success Is Surprisingly Counterintuitive
8.Whatever You’ve Been Thinking, Think the Opposite37
9.Nice Guys Finish Last42
10.Free Has No Value45
11.Big Fish in a Small Pond50
Part III: Growing Your Practice
14.Choose Your Ideal Client64
15.Bridges and Stepping-Stones69
16.Mind the Gap79
17.De Qi: Achieving Success87
Conclusion: The World Needs More Rich Acupuncturists94
The Top Ten Business and Attitude Success Guides for Acupuncturists95



Missing the Point Book

Why Acupuncturists Fail and What They Need to Know to Succeed

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